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  1. Call 911. While this may not elicit an immediate response (as calls are prioritized based on a classification system), it will create a record of our actions.
  2. Call the 39th Police District at 215-686-3390.
  3. Post your actions on the Blue Bell Hill Listserv. This will help the Civic Association keep track of our actions, the frequency and the response.


In an emergency, call 911.
In addition to calling 911 if a potential crime is in progress, please contact the District Community Relations Officer whenever you believe that more frequent police patrols are warranted.
Letters and faxes generally get a better response (especially if you copy the Blue Bell Hill Community Yahoo user group).

14th Police District

Captain Sekou Kinebrew
43 West Haines Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
215 686 3140 phone
215 686 3141 alt phone
215 685 2199 fax
Blue Bell Hill Park, Rittenhouse Town, Bridget Street, 6000 Block of Daniel Street, 6000 Block of Wissahickon Avenue

39th Police District

Captain Michael Craighead
22nd & Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
215 686 3390 phone
215 686 3391 alt phone
215 685 9786 fax
Walnut Lane is generally the dividing line

How to address a concern about a property in BBH

The following are the Board’s suggested steps for reporting an issue with properties in the neighborhood. These steps reflect the Civic’s goal of helping neighbors. Begin at step number one. If the first step does not resolve the issue, then we move down the list.

1) Neighbor contacts the owner of the property in question to share their concern.
2) If the property owner does not respond to neighbor’s concern, neighbor should notify the Board of property owner’s failure to respond.
3) Board sends a letter to property owner sharing neighbor’s concern and asking if the property owner needs assistance resolving issue(s).
4) If steps one through three do not resolve the issue, the neighbor(s) should report the concern to the City by calling 311.
5) After the neighbor has followed steps one through four, the Board will add the property to our “blighted property” list for future action.