ARTICLE 1  General
1.1  Mission Statement:   To promote the health, safety, welfare, improvement of living conditions, and the quality of life of residents of the Blue Bell Hill Community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, through the cooperative action of our residents and other interested persons.
1.2  Name:   This organization shall be known by the name Blue Bell Hill Civic Association, herein referred to as either the “Asso or BBH”.
1.3  Association’s Boundaries:   In general the area of the Asso includes, but is not limited to, the area beginning at the North side of Lincoln Drive at Wissahickon Avenue then to Hermit Street to Daniel Street to West Walnut Lane to Park Line Drive to West Cliveden Street and then back to Lincoln Drive. The residences of Rittenhouse Town shall also be included.
1.4  Location of Office:   The designated Office will be the President’s home address or such other location in Philadelphia as the Board may from time to time determine.
1.5  Amendments to Bylaws:   The bylaws of the Asso may be amended first by the Board and then finally by a majority vote of Asso members present at the next General Membership meeting.
1.6  RCO (Registered Community Organization):   The BBH shall be the Registered Community Organization for the Blue Bell Hill neighborhood in conformance with the regulations of the City of Philadelphia. The Board shall be responsible for appointing an RCO representative to the City, and for meeting the City’s requirements for the RCO.
1.7  Non-Partisan Association:   The Blue Bell Hill Civic Association is a non-partisan organization. The Board shall be responsible for upholding this principle.
ARTICLE 2  Membership
2.1  Eligibility:   Membership in the BBH shall be open to all persons residing in or owning property in the area defined in Section 1.3, and who have reached the age of eighteen (18) years.
2.2  Application for membership shall be made on the form furnished by the Asso.
2.3  Associate Member:   Associate Membership is open to residents who live outside the area defined in Section 1.3 who are interested in furthering the purposes of the BBH. Associate Members shall be entitled to attend and participate in meetings of the BBH. Associate Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Attendance by the Associate Members at meetings is encouraged.  
2.4  Block Point Person:   duties include:   reporting block concerns, identifying homes for sale/ sold, assisting with newsletter distribution, and membership support. This position is not a Board position.
2.5  Dues:   Membership shall be for 12 months beginning in January with dues payable during January in such amount that shall be determined from time to time by the Members entitled to vote at a properly convened meeting. Membership shall include all family members eighteen (18) years old and over residing at the same address.
ARTICLE 3  General Meetings
3.1  General Meetings:   The Asso shall hold a minimum of five (5) General Meetings per calendar year. Meetings shall be on the third Tuesday of every other month. Should that schedule not be possible the President shall determine the meeting day and notify all members in a timely manner.
3.2  Special General Meetings may be called for by the President. The President may call for a Special General Meeting at the request of a member .
3.3  Quorum:   Seven (7) members, three of whom must be Board members of the Asso including one qualified to act as President, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
3.4  Meeting Location:   Unless otherwise notified General Meetings shall be held in the Church located on the North side of Walnut Lane and at the intersection of Johnson and Walnut Lane.
3.5  Voting Eligibility:   Only members can vote.
ARTICLE 4  Board
4.1  Board:   The Board shall consist of four (4) officers and at least three (3) but not more than nine (9) At-Large Members.
4.2  Officers:   The four (4) officers shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
4.3  Board Member Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. President:   The President shall preside at all meetings, designate the chairpersons of all committees necessary to carry out the BBH’s purposes, business, affairs, and shall coordinate the work of the several officers and committees. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees other than work Committees. The President shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to the BBH’s business and affairs unless otherwise delegated.
  2. Vice President:   If the President is unable to preside at a meeting, the Vice President shall preside in the President’s place. The Vice President shall carry out those other duties which the President may, from time to time assign.
  3.  Secretary:   The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and shall preserve the minutes as official records of the BBH. The Secretary shall record all votes in such minutes and shall be responsible for maintaining all records of BBH. The Secretary shall also be responsible for preparing and sending notices of all Membership meetings and special announcements to the Membership when so directed by the President.
  4. At-large Member:   At-large Members shall advise the Officers in their various duties and be available to assist in the day to day management of the Asso.
4.4  Ex-Officio members:   The immediate past president shall be considered ex-officio and is asked to attend Board Meetings.
4.5  Board Meetings shall be on the third Tuesday of alternating months of the General Meetings. Should that schedule have conflict the President shall determine the meeting day and notify all members in a timely manner.
  1. In general there shall be a minimum of five (5) Board meetings per calendar year.
  2. Special Board Meetings may be called by the President or the Vice President in the absence of the President, or a Board Member when so authorized by the President.
4.6  Authority of the Board:   The Board shall be granted the authority to handle all business matters of the Asso, including financial matters between meetings, subject to ratification, where necessary, by all members present at a General Meeting.
4.7  Vacancies:   Any vacancy in an elective office may be appointed for the unexpired term by the President.
4.8  Vacant Office:   Any Board member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without valid reason and notice, will be considered to have vacated that office.
ARTICLE 5  Election of the Board
5.1  Elections:   Board Members ( Officers and At-Large Members ) shall be nominated in March. They will be elected at a General Meeting by June of that calendar year and installed during September’s General Meeting. Each Member shall be entitled to one vote. Except for the President, Board Members shall serve a two-year term. The President shall be limited to two consecutive, two-year terms.
5.2  Nominating Committee:   During January prior to the June election the President may appoint Board Members to form a Nominating Committee. It may meet one or more times prior to the June General Meeting in order to prepare a slate of nominees for Officers and At-Large Members.
5.3  Eligibility for Nominations:
  1. Candidates for both Officers and At-Large members shall be current members in good standing and reside within the area defined herein.
  2. No member shall hold more than one office, except by membership approval.
5.4  Candidate Slate:  All nominations shall be communicated prior to elections.  
Parliamentary Rules:   Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the recognized guide of the Asso where the approved Bylaws do not govern.
effective date:   April 10, 2018  signed: JA Dixon,