Blue Bell Hill straddles the Germantown and West Mount Airy neighborhoods, with most residents in Germantown 19144, others in Mt. Airy 19119. Blue Bell Hill is bounded by Wissahickon Avenue, Walnut Lane, Cliveden Street (both sides, 19119), and the north/east edge of Fairmount Park. It includes residential streets between Walnut Lane and the park, Rittenhouse Town, as well as nearby residents who identify with our community.


The governing body is the Blue Bell Hill Civic Association, reinvigorated under a reorganization plan adopted Oct. 17, 2007.

The Civic facilitates dialogue on issues concerning residents and organizes maintenance/upkeep for the neighborhood’s best known feature, The Circle Garden at the eastern end of the Walnut Lane Bridge. It also organizes a Winter Holiday Party, various block parties, park/lot cleanups and other events.

Blue Bell Hill residents share fellow Philadelphians’ deep and abiding concern over safety and security, quality of life, taxes, zoning, education and city services. Specific concerns arise regarding all these matters, including the fact that we are covered by two Police Districts. Because of our location we are acutely concerned with Fairmount Park, land usage, traffic and watershed issues. The fate of Thomas Mansion and its grounds on Wissahickon Avenue, upkeep of Blue Bell Hill Park along Walnut Lane and the future of Walnut Lane Golf Course are matters of great community interest.


Ward 21, Division 24

Voting at Walnut Lane Golf Course clubhouse

Police Districts

In all emergencies call 911. For non-emergency contact:

14th District (most residents)

Captain Nicholas Smith

39th District

Capt Anthony Ginaldi

City Council 4th District

Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.


Representative Dwight Evans

State Senate

State Senator Sharif Street

State House

State Rep. Pamela DeLissio

21st Ward Democratic Leader

Lou Agre
Marc Stier